About "Cute!" (the book!)

The School Library Journal said this about Cute! A Guide to All Things Adorable:
Filled with fun facts and interesting tidbits, this is a book that tweens and teens are sure to flip through again and again. It's just the kind of title girls will flock to in their libraries and media centers... [This is] a well-researched look at what people find so appealing and why. 
You can get Cute! from your local bookstore, Amazon, Powell's, Barnes and Noble, or your library.

Still not convinced? Well, here's what writer Tina Nichols Coury had to say about it.
Every time I go to a family gathering, the first question I hear when I come in is, "Did you bring us a new Bart King book?" It has become a sort of family parlor game to read out loud from Bart's books. 
Bart King can write a funny book about almost anything. When his publishing house sent me his new book, Cute, I wondered how he could make such a girly thing funny. He didn't disappoint. My family thought it was a scream, the boys and girls alike. From puppies to babies, Bart King found the humor in it all.