July 13, 2012

Meet Harry!

"Who is this awesome dog?" you ask?

Here, let's let Isabelle explain:

Harry is five years of age and loves to play with his family. He is male and is a Chocolate Labrador. 
He may 
look sweet but boy oh boy is he naughty! He jumps on everyone he meets and is known at the vet as ‘the 
craziest dog around!’ 
His favourite game is tug of war where we get his toy chicken and puts it in his mouth. 
We then pull and Harry pulls on the other side (like a 
normal game of tug of war) with his mouth! 
Harry has a special move when we play this game which is 
when he shakes his head from side to side slowly and then gradually gets fast. It is impossible to hold on 
and Harry almost always wins because of this special move.

I love my dog Harry so much- he is my best friend!

Yep, Harry IS the best. Thanks for sending this in, Isabelle!

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