January 24, 2012

"What is that thing?"

"Looks like a baby hippo!"


  1. Hello Bart.

    When using images taken by others, could you kindly make sure you retain the copyright on the image where marked. I am the owner of the burrowing owl shot above and I posted it with copyright. It has seemingly since been removed. Thanks.

  2. Hi Henrik,

    This is very interesting. There is a plethora of uncredited photography on the Web, and I avoid most of what I see...that is, I always give credit when I can, but when I see images without references, I usually try to ignore them unless they're so stinking good, I can't help myself.

    BUT before going any further, let me apologize!

    Okay, as to both the owls and the baby hippo, I saw it on a (for now) unnamed site that NEVER EVER gives credit where it is due. I have written to the site's proprietors asking them to clarify/change their policy, but have never gotten a response. Thus, I never link back to it...but the clarion call of these was too strong to resist.

    Finally, I'm happy to remove the owl photo or to link back to you...if you don't mind, could you let me know which you prefer?

    All the best,

  3. Hi Bart. I know there are many photographs in various places on the web - and tracking one's own are a huge challenge. In your case, I am ok with you using my burrowing owl image on this page as long as it is NOT for any commercial purposes and/or gains. Now I'd also sure like to know the name of the site where you found it. Thx.

  4. Hey Henrik,

    Okay, many thanks! As to the source, I'm it came the "Daily PicDump" at this site: http://dailypicksandflicks.com/


  5. Oops, that should read read "...I'm pretty sure it came from..."


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